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The Salmon City Council has been invited to participate in creating a vision for future educational goals in the community.

At the August 2 meeting of the council Jenny Tracy said that last December a Community Educational Summit was attended by 60 community leaders. As a result, three committees were formed including the Education Community Committee which has developed a plan for county visioning sessions. She said the group is inviting graduating students, parents, teachers, business leaders and elected officials to any one of the several sessions to discuss where education is going and what the community’s vision of education in Lemhi County should look like.

Tracy said the visioning sessions will be proctored by Laurel York Odell and representatives from all the schools in Lemhi County will be attending. Tracy said it is important for elected officials to also participate. She invited members of the council to attend the August 15 session from 11AM to 1:30 PM in the Steele Memorial Clinic Conference Center.

The council then went on to unanimously waive the third reading of Ordinance 17-833, and pass the city’s fiscal year 2017-18 proposed budget on its second reading. The $4,952,237 budget has gone through the publication and public hearing process with no objections voiced.

An annexation application by Gary Beers for the proposed Mountain View Estates development was unanimously approved. The action took place after questioning as to proper documentation on all aspects of the development. City Clerk Mary Benton told the council the next step is to approve an annexation ordinance that will be ready for review by the August 16 council meeting.

Other unanimous council approvals included a beer and wine license for Saveway Market and the go-ahead to obtain quotes from a professional service to treat a blight disease infecting some of the downtown trees.

The suggestion of erecting a low barrier wall to define the south end of Veteran’s Memorial Park was postponed until council member on-site inspections of the proposal.

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