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9-20-17 LMS

The Salmon City Council signed on to a number of agreements and Memorandums of Understandings at its September 20 meeting.

A yearly Professional Services Agreement with Denyce Bigley and the Salmon Outdoor School was unanimously approved by the council. Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray explained the one change in the agreement since last year was that overnight school event programs will be allowed at the center when they do not conflict with the regular Summer schedule. Fees collected by the Outdoor School for the overnights may be used to cover program costs and 30 percent of fees in excess of expenses will go to the city.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and city for Planning and Zoning Administration services was approved with praise for the services the city is receiving. Salmon City Clerk Mary Benton made the comment the $12,000 per year fee has been worth every cent. This year’s P&Z management, administration and oversight agreement has been raised to $12,600 which was unanimously accepted by the council.

A Tree Trimming bid of $3,500 submitted by Horticulturist Shane Parmer was also unanimously approved. The council turned down his last bid which was for $5,250. The cost reduction came with the understanding the city will supply a bucket truck. The trimming project involves 15 trees on city property which are infected with tree blight. 

The council unanimously approved sending a letter of acceptance to the firm of Searle, Hart & Associates for its auditing services. The firm has been performing yearly audits on the city’s finances as well as county finances for several years.

A release of liability MOU between the city and the Farmer’s Market was approved. The agreement involves the temporary shed used to store market items needed on a weekly basis as well as renting Veteran’s Memorial Park seasonally instead of on a week to week basis. The market takes place in the park every weekend from early June to the last Saturday in September. Farmer’s Market co-manager Jessica McAleese also opened a discussion about the moveable shed’s location. She said it has been wonderful to have the shed close by and that it would be even handier if it had a close-by permanent home. The original agreement was for the shed to be moved on and off the property seasonally and she said that has gone well although it does cost $100 per move, requires a large truck and she worries about possible damage to the park’s grass or irrigation lines. 

The council discussed several potential locations one of which involved property behind the Bear Statue. That property is owned by Summit Bank. It was decided McAleese will talk with the bank and also think about a possible Plan B.

On another Veteran’s Park matter the council voted five to one to have a curb and gutter installed along the city property line on the south end of the park. The reason behind the move is to deter vehicular parking on the park grass and as a way to direct water run-off flows. Councilman Russ Chinske cast the one ‘no’ vote.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 4 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center Meeting Room.

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