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9-6-17 LMS

There are 15 trees on city property that are currently affected by Tree Blight. Most of them are on Main Street and some are in Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Mayor Leo Marshall reported to the September 6 meeting of the Salmon City Council that three local tree services were contacted. The city has received one tree pruning bid. Horticulturist Shane Parmer’s bid was for $5,250.

City Clerk Mary Benton told the council that according to her research if the branches are trimmed in the wrong place it can kill the tree. She said that is why a tree specialist is needed.

Councilmen Ken Hill and Jim Baker thought the price was too high. Councilman Jim Bockelman said the council referred the problem to the city staff and this is the result of the staff’s work although he agreed the cost was high. Councilman Rob Jackson said the total comes out to $350 a tree. Councilman Neal James made a motion to accept the $5,250 bid and get the trees trimmed. James and Bockelman voted ‘yes’ while Councilmen Russ Chinske, Baker, Hill and Jackson voted against accepting the bid.

The council unanimously approved an agreement between the school district and the city for the use of the swimming pool from September 6 to October 12. It also approved a discontinuance of city utility services at 1306 and 1310 Main Street contingent upon the lines being dug up and capped. 

Clerk Benton confirmed the Modern Woodmen of America fraternal organization is willing to give the city the 31 cemetery plots it owns to be used by veterans and their spouses. The organization has owned the plots since 1907. She asked the council if it was willing to have the city attorney draft the necessary quit claim paperwork for the organization to review and the council agreed. The city’s Cemetery Buy-Back Policy will be on the council’s September 20 meeting agenda.

Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray reported the center’s old Ropes Course has been inspected by an ICRMP (Idaho Counties Risk Management Program) insurance representative and judged to be OK liability wise. The course hasn’t been used in years however; Gray thinks of it as a potential resource for school programs and didn’t want to see it dismantled. She said refurbishing it is not a priority at present but is a worthwhile future asset. The council moved to retain the center’s Ropes Course.

The council also approved establishing a reservation agreement between the city and the Farmer’s Market which takes place in Veteran’s Park every Saturday from June through September. That topic will be placed on the September 20 meeting agenda. Another topic on the next council agenda is placement of a curb and gutter on the southern property line of Veteran’s Memorial Park. The curb would serve as a barrier and a water diversion.

Ordinance 17-824 passed its second reading. The ordinance pertains to an annexation and subdivision in the area north of 11th and 12th streets. Passage of a third reading will hinge on receipt of legal boundary lines and official subdivision plat maps.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be September 20 at 6 PM in the Salmon Valley Center Meeting Room.

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